Tips for Renting a Flat in Prague

Prague Old Town

The following tips and suggestions will help your search for a long-term flat rental go more smoothly.

  • If possible, get a friend who has already spent some time living in Prague to help you find a suitable flat.
  • Once you move in, take photos of any existing damage including minor cosmetic damage such as small cracks in the wall. Also, take photos of any damaged furniture. This is important, since you will be able to prove that you didn't do the damage when it comes to getting your deposit back at the end of the contract.
  • If possible and, particularly if you are renting an expensive and luxurious flat, get a copy of the contract in English. If this is neither possible nor convenient, try to get a friend to translate the contract for you to make sure that you understand everything important.
  • It is always a good habit to get into to keep receipts of all your payments although you’ll likely be paying your rent and bills online anyway.
  • If you need to furnish your flat, there are many affordable furniture stores (nabytek) such as IDEA Nabytek, IKEA and Jysk among others. You can also find some second-hand bargains in the classified directories at or at the large second-hand furniture bazar at Libeňský Most.