Prague and the Czech Republic

Czech Republic's Flag

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country located right in the heart of Europe. It has a population of approximately 11 million. With a rich long history, the country is home to many fairy-tale castles, ancient towns and cities and plenty of dramatic landscape. Prague also had a lucky escape from the Second World War, during which there was minimal damage to the city. Prague itself is a thriving city and by far the most visited place in the country. Tourists coming to the Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic can expect to be greeted by a highly developed tourist infrastructure, hospitable people, an abundance of good food and some of Europe's finest beer. Another of the country's advantages is that, for many visitors, it is also a very affordable destination. With various job opportunities in Prague and beyond, the Czech Republic is also ideal for tourists seeking to stay longer term.

Czech Republic in Europe

Prague offers a huge range of accommodation around the year. For tourists, there is no shortage of everything from cheap hostels to luxurious hotels. For those who prefer to self-cater, the central districts of the city also offer plenty of flats to rent. Those seeking a longer stay in the country will find many long-term rental opportunities as well.

Prague is also cheap to get to from many European cities thanks to budget flights by EasyJet and other airlines. The cheapest flights to Czech Republic, however, tend to land in the country's second city, Brno, with Ryanair. Brno is about two and a half hours away by bus from Prague. International bus and trains also connect Prague to most European capitals and many other towns and cities around the continent.

Týn Church in Prague

As for tourist attractions, there is enough in Prague to keep even the most demanding visitors enthralled for quite some time. There is the magnificent Castle District, the famous fifteenth century Charles Bridge, the extravagant Baroque Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter and Petřín Hill which is reachable by funicular railway. The city also offers plenty of daytrip opportunities such as to the town of Kutná Hora with its eerie Sedlec Ossuary (the Bone Church) and the magnificent St. Barbara's Church.

Prague is a very cultural city offering plenty of different forms of entertainment. From ballets to operas to classical music concerts, the city has a world-class cultural scene. For those into nightlife, Prague presents visitors with many options from rock clubs to ultra-cheap student discos to high-octane dance halls and plenty of retro music venues. There truly is something for every taste in this highly diverse city.

Those seeking longer stays in Prague will have a chance to get to know the wider city including the popular historic districts of Vinohrady, Žižkov and Vyšehrad among others. If you are in Prague, you can enjoy pleasant afternoon walks around enormous parks like Divoká Šárka with its picturesque landscape and well-kept walkways. You can spend your afternoons in some of the city's famous beer gardens or enjoy some of the many fine restaurants, pubs, wine bars and nightlife venues that the city has to offer. All-round, Prague is an unforgettable place to visit and a very pleasant place to live.