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Finding a Long-Term Flat Rental in Prague

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The long-term flat rental market in Prague is highly competitive due to the large number of migrants coming there to work from elsewhere in the Czech Republic and beyond. The best deals tend to get swallowed up within days of them being posted so, if you're looking for something to rent, you'll have to act quickly.

Many foreigners seeking long-term rentals in Prague will go through an agency. While this does present its advantages, such as overcoming the language barrier and helping you to find something more suitable in less time, it will also cost you a little more. If you rent a flat through an agency, you will need to pay a commission worth a month's rent for their services although this fee can vary depending on the company that you're dealing with.

It is also possible to find a place by yourself without going through an agency. For foreigners, this can be relatively complicated due to the language barrier, but it also presents some advantages. Whether you are interested in going through an agency or communicating directly with an flat owner, take a look at Things to Consider with Long-Term Flat Rentals for more information.

It's better to call up the agency or owner advertising the flat as soon as possible if you find something interesting. Make an appointment to look at it at the earliest convenience. If you do not speak Czech, you may need to get some help from a local. Most of the larger agencies, however, have some English-speaking staff and there are also some agencies which deal almost exclusively with foreigners. Finally, if you are dealing directly with the owner, sending an email usually doesn't get you anywhere unless there is no phone number provided. If you send an email, do not expect a timely response, if any at all.

It is a good idea to start your search before you arrive in Prague, if only to get an idea of the rental prices in the areas you want to live. It is unlikely that anyone will rent a flat out to you if you don't see it first. When you arrive in Prague, you will probably have to spend a few days staying in a hotel or other form of accommodation while you find a suitable long-term flat to rent.

When you decide on the perfect flat to rent, be aware that most owners will only accept a minimum of a six-month contract. It is also normal to pay a deposit worth a month's rent and a month's rent up front.

Finding a Short-Term Flat Rental in Prague

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Those who are visiting Prague for a holiday will find plenty of accommodation options to suit a wide variety of budgets. For those who prefer self-catering, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to short-term flat rentals. The most efficient way to find the best deals is to use the Internet. The popular international accommodation booking websites such as and advertise many flats for rent in Prague and other towns and cities in the Czech Republic. Sites such as these also present the advantage of being able to secure your booking with a credit card payment in advance.

Short-term rentals can be as cheap as around €30 per night although prices vary depending on the season. For those seeking a more luxurious flat with a perfect location, prices can easily surpass €100 per night, particularly during the peak season.

The most important thing to consider when looking for a short-term flat rental is the area of town. To enjoy your holiday in Prague, you'll most likely want to ensure that the flat you'll be staying in a quiet yet easily accessible area. Prague's Old Town is quite large and while much of it can be noisy and crowded, there are also many quieter side streets where you can enjoy a good night's sleep while still being in the centre of town. The key places to avoid are the areas in and around Wenceslas Square, the Clock Tower Square and any of the main streets such as those which have tram lines. You'll also want to make sure that you're not going to be sleeping right next to a noisy nightclub or one of the many late-night bars in central Prague.

Alternatively, you may want to consider searching for an flat in one of the districts in the wider centre such as Žižkov or Vinohrady. These areas are very easily reachable by 24-hour public transport or even on foot. You are far more likely to find lower prices and more peace and quiet in such places. Before you book anything, however, ensure that you have familiarized yourself with the area first. A good way to get a more accurate impression of a location is to use the Street View function on Google Maps which covers all of Prague and is quite up to date.